Organic flour and pasta production

Molino Agostini offers a wide range of certified organic flours, semolina flours and pastas, ready to be transformed into finished products that guarantee a healthy and balanced diet.


Organic by vocation

Good, natural and organic products

We are an organic mill by choice and due to our desire to have a positive effect on the environment.

We love our territory and we work to enhance it every day, investing time and resources in looking after our suppliers, managing our production processes and constantly seeking agriculture that promotes biodiversity.

Il molino Biologico

Zero km flour production

We believe in the value of people, in respect for the land and in recovery of ancient techniques.

This is why we have created a network of growers who guarantee organic growing techniques, organic crop rotation and growing of indigenous “ancient” grains.

"One of the best local companies. Molino Agostini produces and markets organic flours and cereal products of various types, including durum wheat, emmer and corn flour pasta. The shop near the plant sells a range of flour mixes for home-made bread, barley and pearl barley, various types of polenta flour, but also the products of other companies."


"A wide choice of high-quality products. I tried the soft wheat flour, including the whole grain and type 00, and the pasta, and they are excellent. Buying the 5 kg packets of flour, you also save money compared with the organic flours on sale in the supermarket"


"Courtesy and professionalism are the two aspects of this company that stood out to me, after purchasing one of its products at a bakery in Altamura (Lamaggiore). I also choose organic, because it is the best choice for quality and health."


"I discovered this company at a fair at the Fermoforum. They were extremely courteous in explaining the best way to make pizza to me. They gave me excellent advice and were very patient and skilled in explaining it to a non-expert like me. I am not particularly enthusiastic about kneading whole grain flours, so they suggested the Vergara type 2 flour, and the results were amazing. The dough was very elastic and easy to knead (by hand, as I do not have a Bimby mixer). Fantastic. I will be looking for shops near me, but if possible I will come directly to you."


Buy our 100% organic products

Purchase from a wide range of products, with different and all strictly organic raw materials.


No pesticides


Stoneground wheat


Selection of ancient seeds


Crop rotation


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