Molino Agostini

Da tre generazioni artigiani della farina

We at The Gardeny are proud to offer carefully designed landscapes crafted to suit our commercial clients’ preferences while prioritizing sustainability.


di esperienza nel settore

Produciamo farine e prodotti BIO da 3 generazioni.


prodotti biologici

I nostri prodotti sono biologici al 100%


la provenienza delle materie prime

Ci avvaliamo solo di produttori locali.

Molino Agostini

Three generations of master flour makers


of experience in the organic sector

We make flours and products with a mill dedicated to organic production.


organic products

Our products are 100% organic.


the origin of the raw materials

We only use local producers.

Our Story

Ours is the story of a passion that has continued for three generations

Flour makers since 1940!

"My grandfather Emidio opened the mill at the end of the Second World War.

An Italy to be rebuilt and a need to start over led him to set up a pasta factory and oil mill alongside the mill.

From that first project, I decided to keep the passion of my grandfather and my family alive by converting the mill to totally organic production twenty years ago.

Molino Agostini is 100% organic.

"Now, years later, I have restored an entire pasta production line using our organic semolina flours and created a new range of completely organic products."

"I wanted to remain as a master flour maker, but respect my territory, biodiversity and the health of those around me and my customers at the same time.

To achieve this, I have signed crop-growing agreements with local organic growers, sought out indigenous ancient grains to grow, in order to try out new types of production, and radically altered the production method."

– Roberto Agostini
A company looking towards the future

Ancient traditions and innovative processes. Our work is closely connected to the rhythms of nature, but our young team works with dynamism and personality.
We are proud to have a team of young men and women who believe in our values and work according to our company philosophy.