We care about you!

That is why we have chosen to produce organic flours made from stoneground ancient grains and cereals.

Discover all the ‘reasons why’ of our products.


Why choose Agostini organic flour?

What sets Molino Agostini apart from other mills is its close bond with the local area.

The decision to purchase the cereals directly from certified organic local growers is based on a deep affection for the land and the people who care for it everyday.

Choosing organic means:

  • respect for plants, as they develop their immune defences autonomously and growth is only assisted with natural fertilisers.
  • respect for the land, as crop rotation allows the soil to rest and the nutrients needed by crops are naturally replenished.
  • respect for the seasons, following the rhythms of nature and never forcing them with chemicals.
  • choosing biodiversity and choosing to respect the health of both the growers and the consumers of our products.

Why use stoneground flours?

Stone grinding is the most ancient method for grinding grain and the best system for producing high-quality flours.

Stoneground flour is better than refined flour, because it retains the vitamins, mineral salts, fibre, noble proteins and enzymes of the cereal present in the germ. This makes the flour more digestible and nutritious.

In stone grinding, the wheel that crushes the grains in the grinding phase turns slowly. This ensures that the temperature of the flour remains constant, which prevents it from overheating and losing its beneficial properties.

According to the WHO and recent studies in the food sector, the more refined products the body absorbs, the higher the quantity of insulin it receives. This is one of the principal causes of fat deposits in the body and illnesses such as diabetes or allergies.

Stone grounding is the best method for producing whole grain or semi whole grain flours and the only one that preserves the germ that is so precious for our health.


Why choose ancient grains?

Ancient grains are characterised by their robustness, but were abandoned during the industrial period. Ancient grains are tastier and more digestible and help prevent the development of intolerances. They have never been modified by humans to increase their yield and height.

These varieties are particularly suitable for organic growing, in which the use of fertilisers is absolutely forbidden. That is why products based on these grains are often organic.

The reasons for recovery of these varieties certainly include their nutritional properties, but also their cultural and environmental value.

Selection of the seeds, the arrival of new technologies and the introduction of chemicals into agriculture resulted in the loss and/or replacement of traditional seeds with the more modern ones, to the detriment of nutrition, flavour and health.

Ancient grains have flavours, fragrances and tastes that modern grain simply cannot have. Furthermore, as they are mainly grown by smaller growers, they are finer and of better quality.