The Molino Agostini company shop

The company shop is alongside the stone grinding plant

In 2012, we decided to invest in this project in order to be able to welcome everyone who comes to see us in the proper manner. Over time, many people have asked about the possibility of purchasing all of our products directly.

We therefore decided to create a suitable area to stock the entire range of organic flours, in a practical format for home use that can be stored for up to eighteen months.

But there is more!

The entire range of Molino Agostini organic pasta is also on sale in the shop..

Durum wheat pasta, whole grain, corn, emmer, Cappelli durum wheat and also the pulse pasta. 

A high-quality, bronze-drawn pasta dried at low temperature.

You will find a vast range of basic flours, together with more special ones, and a choice between the stoneground or cylinder-ground versions, flours at various strengths and degrees of refining.

There is also a choice of plenty of other products for a healthy and nutritious diet.

We have a courteous and professional staff who also offer a gift-wrapping service during the Christmas period.


  • Monday: 8:30-12:45, 15-19:30
  • Tuesday: 8:30-12:45, 15-19:30
  • Wednesday: 8:30-12:45, 15-19:30
  • Thursday: 8:30-12:45, 15-19:30
  • Friday: 8:30-12:45, 15-19:30
  • Saturday: 9-12:45

Telephone: (+39) 0734-93 81 66 - EXTENSION 5