Why is it called organic flour?

Flour is defined as organic when it is obtained by milling grains grown using the methods of organic agriculture.

In order to be considered as organic, the grain must be certified by special inspection agencies, who use specific controls to check that the producer meets the requirements and complies with all the conditions for this.
The wheat destined for milling is grown without using synthetic chemicals (such as weedkillers, chemical fertilisers, pesticides and/or parasiticides) and cannot be obtained from GMO seeds.
The organic raw material must be kept separate from standard material during all phases of processing, conditioning and storage, to avoid any type of contamination.
The yield of organic crops is lower than the yield obtained from crops grown using conventional methods. This is why the price of organic wheat products is usually higher, although the benefit is a better and healthier diet.

Cosa si intende con agricoltura biologica?

The term Organic Agriculture indicates a crop growing method that exploits the natural fertility of the soil, limited interventions, promoting the biodiversity of domestic species and excluding the use of synthetic chemicals and genetically modified organisms (GMO).

Why choose organic agriculture?

Scegliere l’agricoltura biologica significa rispettare l’ambiente. 
Choosing organic agriculture means respect for plants, as they develop their immune defences autonomously and growth is only assisted with natural fertilisers.
It means respect for the land, as crop rotation allows the soil to rest and the nutrients needed by crops are naturally replenished.
It means respect for the seasons, following the rhythms of nature and never forcing them with chemicals.
It means maintaining biodiversity and respect for the health of both the growers and the consumers of these products, which guarantee the genuineness of organic food.

What does Molino Agostini do here?

This is precisely the way in which Molino Agostini sets itself apart from all the rest!
Our close bond with the territory and our affection for the land and the people are why we choose to purchase the cereals directly from certified organic growers.

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